Sanitary facilities

Camping Corfwater has high-quality sanitary facilities.

Modern, spacious sanitary facilities

Camping Corfwater has two very beautiful and luxurious sanitary buildings. The facilities are heated and very spacious. They feature separate children's spaces with raised showers, baby tubs and changing tables. The showers are free of charge and the wash basins have hot and cold water. There are special showers for families. The buildings have large areas for washing dishes and feature a fully equipped laundry.

There is also a number of private bathrooms for rent, complete with bath, shower, wash basins and toilet. Please inquire at the reception about the availability.

The buildings have a comfortable atmosphere, aided by soft New Age background music. The public hallways feature changing exhibitions of paintings and photographs, of both well-known and starting artists.

And of course we care about the environment. For instance, the sanitary facilities are powered by energy from our own power station which is made up of 72 m² of solar panels.

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