Landgoed Hoenderdaell
schoorlse duinen

Activities around Petten

Petten has never a dull moment. All year round, many different activities are organized in and around Petten. A good reason for a great stay at Corfwater.

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Things to do during your holidays

Fluwel's Tulpenland Sint Maartenszee

Do you know Zwiebol? Zwiebol is a cheeky little tulip. He is your host in Fluwel's Tulpenland. If you see Zwiebol somewhere in the adventure park, he will tell you an interesting story, show you something or point out a game you can play. He teaches you the story of the tulip in a fun and playful way, because that is what Fluwel's Tulpenland is all about.


Museum Zo Was 't

The museum of how things were, such as a beautifully preserved and exhibited selection of adult's fashion and national costumes from 1800 to 1930, and children's clothes from 1840 to 1930. In a second room, you might recognize the old toys of children living around 1900. Some toys never age and are still sold and played with today, others you may never have seen before. Come and hear the surprising stories behind the objects.


Stb - Buitencentrum Schoorlse Duinen

This outdoor center in the dunes of Schoorl organizes all sorts of activities and walks for all ages, all year round. Next door to the Buitencentrum is a cozy restaurant that serves organic local products.


Korenmolen Kijkduin

The windmill Korenmolen Kijkduin was built in 1772 to mill wheat into flour. After the Second World War, the flour mill was only used for storage. Fortunately it was restored and has been open to the public for the last twenty years. When the wind is right, grain is milled into wheat flour. Do come and visit, the miller will be happy to answer all your questions!



A trip to amusement park Sprookjeswonderland Enkhuizen is like a trip to fairyland. See how gnomes live in their gnome village. They love it when you come to visit them! And the fairy tale forest naturally has the famous classics like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Cinderella, the Giant, Tom Thumb and many others. There is even a fairy tale musical in Violinde Castle.


Tuin van Kapitein Rommel

Captain Clutter's Garden, the Tuin van Kapitein Rommel, is not just any garden. It is bursting at the seams with all kinds of recreational, cultural and educational activities. This oasis of peace is a place for people to meet, just wander around, or sit on a bench to enjoy the natural surroundings. And the garden is completely different in every season.

The Tuin van Kapitein Rommel is managed by a foundation and run by volunteers. All through the year the foundation organizes different recreational, cultural and educational activities for all ages.


Monkey Town Alkmaar

An indoor playground full of exiting attractions. Enormous climbing frames with challenging tunnels and secret passages, and of course the old favorites like ball pits, super lego and bouncy castles.


Landgoed Hoenderdaell

On this estate you'll find a combination of beautiful natural scenery with nice walking routes, stunning exotic animals, shows with birds of prey and much more.


Zand tegen Zee, discover and experience the new coast line

The interactive exhibition Zand tegen Zee (Sand against Sea) shows you how we strengthened the coast between Petten and Camperduin with sand, lots and lots of sand. Around 35 million cubic meters! You'll also learn all about the dikes in Noord-Holland, about how we survived historic floods and about water management now and in the future. There is so much to read, listen to, watch and do. 


De Goudvis

The Goldfish is a large park with an enormous outdoor play ground and over 2200 m² of indoor play area. There is a single entrance fee for both indoor and outdoor play, so if the weather is a bit disappointing your day won't be. Your children will have the time of their lives in this play paradise.